Inline Scalping Machine for Strip

Inline Scalping Machine for Strip

Srishtech Metal Casting (I) Pvt Ltd proudly announces development and commencement of its new product - Inline Scalping machine. We are the only Indian manufacturer to develop and install Inline Scalping machine in India. Our facility is loaded with the most advanced machinery and superior quality raw material, which help us keep a strict watch on the production and deliver customer product as promised. This machine is used in the continuous casting line. 

It has following benefits

  • For top and bottom strip surface scalping 
  • Increase surface finish
  • Removes oxidized layer from strip / slab
  • Synchronized with continuous casting speed
  • Having Tungsten Carbide cutter and strip surface of 1 mm max can be scalped from each side
  • These blades mill the rolling faces of the strip to produce the desired surface finish prior to rolling.
  • Reduces amount of trimming scrap
  • Cost effective
  • Keeps the area clean
  • No extra labor required
  • Cutter changing time is within a minute, so no un-milled surface is left
  • Avoids frequent bending operations
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