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Srish Tech

Established back in 2008, under the directorship of Mr Sarvesh Bahadur Singh, Srishtech Metal Casting (I) Pvt Ltd (formerly known as Multi Tech Engineers) is an upcoming name in the niche. Besides being the owner of the company, he is Mechanical/Electrical Engineer who has great industry experience that has helped the company to grow. Over the years, we have come a long way and become one of the leading Vertical Continuous Casting Plant Manufacturers in Zirakpur, Punjab. Since inception, we have propelled into new spheres by the sheer hard work and strong will of Mr Singh and the team he gathered.

The company has been changing its approach frequently, as per the requirements of the ever-changing clients and markets that helped us gain great recognition. Our manufacturing unit is loaded with complete tool room machineries, all fabrication machines, continuous casting plant and induction furnace and more. Our production capacity is 50 units per annum and we use Steel, Copper, Refractory, Ceramic, Brass, Aluminium etc. that guarantees the quality of our end-products. The USP of our product is that we use an auto control system for controlling furnace power and use servo motor for ensuring higher operational accuracy. We are one of the trusted Aluminium Melting Induction Furnace Manufacturers in India, we provide prompt delivery and full-time support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver products and services that meet the unique needs and expectations of customers, to that end, we have successfully built a solid foundation and infrastructure for continuous casting plants and induction furnaces etc. manufacturing.

Our Vision

Srishtech Metal Casting (I) Pvt Ltd. makes the difference through our people, a team of dedicated professionals, who value customers, deliver on our promises and contribute to sustainable development.

Designing And Planning

Rating, fittings, type of construction conform to Indian as well as International standards. All our range is capable of withstanding type test. Material quality control checks are strict and we made no compromise in the same. Moreover, stage wise inspection during fabrication, machining, assembly and designing get done. Testing from our end ensures trouble-free performance to users. We put our continuous efforts to upgrade the technology.

Our Team Comprises Of:
  • Researchers
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Quality Checkers
  • Technicians
  • Skilled and semi-skilled staff
Our Philosophy
  • Cost-effectiveness through quality
  • More flexibility, lowers costs
  • First listening, than engineering
  • Our competence is your advantage
  • Every product is as good as the customer service
  • We earn when our customers profit
Why Choose Us?
  • We have years of experience
  • Our range is comprehensive
  • Team is trained and experienced
  • Ensure you to deliver the best quality
  • Prompt product delivery
  • Quote competitive market prices
  • If you still have any queries, contact us now.

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